Trieste Next 2012

At the first edition of Trieste Next, the European Innovation and Science Research Forum, held in Trieste from September 28 to 30, 2012, FoodCAST was present at three events:


A room with four iPad stations to be the first to try out Foodly, an app devised and developed by SISSA Medialab. This is an interactive quiz that allows players to test their knowledge about food and all things related: economics, society, biology, agriculture, econophysics and neuroscience. The videogame illustrates the issues dealt with by FoodCAST in an entertaining manner.


Take a world food expert, a group of young SISSA research fellows with a good business idea and a young chef: add a handful of insects and mix well. What you get is a completely new experience, an insect-based aperitif, science and business. The unusual event, made possible by a collaboration between SISSA’s Master in Complex Actions, The HUB and Bonawentura, was an original way of addressing an important issue: according to many experts, in fact, insects may play a major role in the planet’s future nutrition. The event also served to publicise several aspects of the FoodCAST project.


Where do the fruit and vegetables we eat come from? How far have they travelled to get to us? And where and when do aubergines, zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, peaches and oranges ripen? The answers to these questions are important for a diet that is good, healthy and sustainable. To answer them, two workshop activities for children aged 6 to 9 have been proposed to explore (in an age-appropriate manner) some of the global nutrition issues addressed by the FoodCAST project.