Expo 2015

Some short presentations and videos will describe to the public the techniques used in neuroscience and the results of cognitive neuroscience studies that have investigated food. Special attention is given to the results of the research done at SISSA in collaboration with the other scientific institutions involved in the FoodCAST project.


FoodIE is a 5-minute interactive game made up of two tests, which provides a snapshot of our dietary habits, whether implicit (the ones we don’t know we have) or explicit, i.e., the ones we are aware of. At the end, it draws up a graph of the two components, implicit and explicit, divided by food categories.

Indeed, what we say we like and what we really like at times don’t coincide at all. This happens because we are aware of only about 30% of our preferences, whereas the remaining 70% of our attitudes are beyond our awareness and control. The asymmetry between implicit attitudes and explicit preferences can be seen in many domains, and food is no exception.

Presented at CasaCorriere, at Expo 2015, FoodIE is also part of a broader scientific experiment conducted by the Neuroscience and Society Lab (iNSuLa) of the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) of Trieste.